19th June, 2020
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Online via Zoom

Join us as we dive into the social and environmental impact of community connections. We will explore the future of the WA coastline, the role of community awareness and action, and approaches to engaging youth in improving the intergenerational impacts around Climate Change.

This interactive workshop is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn from national experts who are world leaders in their field.

Dr. Tayanah O’Donnell
Dr. Tayanah O’Donnell is an experienced science leader, communicator and collaborator, having worked in research and leadership roles in private practice, government and academia for over 15 years. She has particular expertise in environmental and public policy governance, the legal, political and cultural aspects of climate change adaptation, and land use planning.
Andrew Outhwaite
Andrew Outhwaite is a passionate advocate for the health of coastal and marine systems, global sustainability practitioner and has great faith in humanity learning. He has spent the last fifteen years growing ventures delivering social outcomes such as: reducing homelessness, promoting science and sustainability, growing healthy regional communities, and lead cultural transformation through innovation. Andrew is the founder of “For Blue”, which works with oceans leaders to grow enriching blue economies and healthy marine ecosystems, especially in the Indian Ocean.

This webinar is part of Perth NRM’s Coastal Capacity Building program, funded by Coastwest.


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