Wells Park exceeds expectations

20th April, 2023

Last winter, more than 6,000 seedlings were planted at Wells Park, and we are happy to report they survived summer!

In fact, they are thriving, with an estimated 95% of plants successfully established in the dunes overlooking Kwinana Beach. Planted over a three-day planting blitz with the help of City of Kwinana staff, the community, and Perth NRM staff, the new vegetation plays an important role in preventing erosion. Below the surface, healthy and extensive root systems help hold the sand together against wind and water, while above the ground the plants provide food and habitat for wildlife, and also act as a wind break.

Cardboard guards were also installed around each seedling, increasing visibility of the planting site and protecting the plants from being eaten by rabbits. The cardboard guards are a more sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic guards, and the 95% success rate suggests they’re certainly effective.

This fantastic result would not have been possible without the work undertaken by our experienced volunteers, along with the contribution and support provided by City of Kwinana staff who extensively and expertly prepared the irrigated sites to ensure consistent water supply over the hot summer. Funding for this project was provided by the State Government’s Greening Fund, distributed by the City of Kwinana. Thank you to everyone involved!

But the work is not done yet! Ongoing maintenance work is vital to keep weeds at bay, and an additional 500 seedlings will be planted this year to increase the stability and biodiversity of the dunes, thanks to an additional grant from Coastwest.


We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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