Coastcarers make ‘Waves of Change’

10th February, 2022

The Coastal + Marine team extends congratulations to two award-winning Coastcarers: Sue Freeth (Cottesloe Coastcare) and the Quinns Rock Environmental Group!

By Hannah Gulliver.

Perth’s beaches are an integral part of our community’s coastal identity. The history of the iconic Cottesloe beach has been captured by a creative and passionate Coastcare volunteer, Sue Freeth from Cottesloe Coastcare, through her curation of the award-winning exhibition ‘Waves of Change: A History of Cottesloe Beach.’

The exhibition ran in April last year as part of the National Trust’s Australian Heritage Festival supported by the Town of Cottesloe, with an accompanying website providing a wonderful community resource that can be referred to for many years to come.

The website is packed with historical photographs, documents, and tales beginning 40,000 years ago with the Noongar people, to early European settlers, the establishment of Perth’s first surf beach, to a community space hosting carnivals, festivals, concerts, and protests.

Follow the link to visit Waves of Change: A History of Cottesloe Beach.

Another congratulations for a ‘wave of change’ goes to the Quinns Rocks Environmental Group, which won the Len Howard Community Group Award at the Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) awards in December of last year 2021.

This award recognises an outstanding contribution to WA conservation. It was described perfectly by CCWA’s Executive Director, Maggie Wood, who said the contribution of the “many volunteers across WA towards conservation in our state cannot be overestimated. It takes a special kind of person to dedicate themselves to protecting WA’s incredible natural environment and cultural heritage.”

Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers and groups throughout Perth making contributions to conservation. Be sure to share your stories and awards with us so we can celebrate and recognise your amazing work.


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