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4th November, 2021

The 2021 Perth NRM AGM was held yesterday (Wednesday 3 November) at the beautiful Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre. We thank our members for participating and are pleased to announce election results.

Uncle Neville Collard welcomed us to country and led a smoking ceremony to get our AGM off to a good start.

Following a spirited smoking ceremony from Elder Uncle Neville Collard to set the tone, this year’s AGM was a very smooth affair, bringing together our members, staff, board and the public for a presentation from Sue Ogilvy on the work being undertaken across the country to develop a working framework for Natural Capital Accounting.

Following afternoon tea, the business of the Annual General Meeting was resolved and reported by Deputy Chair Meg Anklesaria, who confirmed the reappointment of Dr Bruce Hegge as the Chair of Perth NRM’s Board of Directors.

Dr Hegge paid his regards to former board members Pat Cesare and David Lucido, who have stood down from the Board. Pat Cesare served a total of nine years on the Board, the maximum allowed by the Constitution. David Lucido has stepped down in order to concentrate on his business interests.

The Board now welcomes three new directors: Keith Halliwell, Ian Wadley and Tom Widenbar.

The Board has once again provided a Board Trainee (non-voting) position, appointed to Cassie Howell.

Biographic information for all Board members is available here: Our Board.

The quorum of members also unanimously approved amendments to the Constitution regarding terms of directorship and a provision to allow members to be removed from the register once an organisation has ceased to operate or members cannot be contacted for more than six months.

These amendments will be implemented following approval from the State Government.

The 2021 Annual Report (including all appendices) has been uploaded to our Resources section.

Update [25 November 2021]: The amended Constitution has been approved by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

The 2021 Perth NRM Constitution has been updated in our Resources section.

Pat Cesare (former Board Director), Keith Pekin (Chief Executive Officer) and Keith Halliwell (Director) at the 2021 Perth NRM AGM.

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