National Biodiversity Month: Coastal Care

14th September, 2020

Today we're looking at coastal conservation as part of National Biodiversity Month.

The beach has historically been an integral part of the Western Australian experience, it’s often where we spend time during our holidays and it’s a huge part of our appeal for visitors as well.

However, like many environmental assets, the coast is under increasing pressure from urban development, coastal erosion and inundation, physical damage from recreational uses such as 4WD incursions or simply walking off the paths.

Behind the scenes, a lot of work is being done to protect, rehabilitate or even enhance our coastline.Fortunately, many parts of our coastline are under the stewardship of community groups who work hard to save their beaches, undertaking clean-ups and planting native species along ther coast to make the dunes more resilient and provide habitat to remaining wildlife.

Perth NRM plays an important role in coastal conservation in our region, providing administrative support and assistance with grant applications, environmental management advice and working with suppliers and local governments to ensure work can be done.

Coastal groups are always looking for volunteers, so if the beach is important to you and you want it to be there for the future, join our PNRM Coastal + Marine facebook group or contact us directly to see who you can work with in your area.

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