The Power of Partnership

10th September, 2020

A partnership between South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL), the City of Canning and the Water Corporation has led to a great project in Nurdi Park, Riverton, as part of the Swan Canning River Recovery program.

There is an inherent amount of complexity when delivering outcomes using grants, community groups, organisations and local governments – let alone a global pandemic – so with time running out for Stage Two of the Swan Canning River Recovery Program, the unforeseen cancellation of a planned project can cause a significant challenge.

With only 6 months remaining to deliver outcomes with the approved funding, SERCUL managed a cancellation challenge by taking a flexible approach, partnering with the City of Canning and the Water Corporation’s Drainage for Liveability program to improve the health of the Middle Canning River by implementing a constructed wetland and living stream at Nurdi Way in Riverton.

An unsightly trapezoidal drain is being converted into a living stream and constructed wetland engineered to address water quality issues, create native habitat value and improve the public amenity of essential infrastructure.

Perth NRM would like to commend the City of Canning for its outstanding effort and enthusiasm to develop a suitable project alternative within the incredibly short time-frame and its significant in-kind contributions to enhance the health of the Canning River.

Quick Facts

  • 250m of trapezoidal drain converted to a meandering living stream
  • Over 25,000 native seedlings to be installed
  • 2 rock riffles installed to improve oxygenation
  • Increased riparian zone to increase nutrient stripping potential
  • Constructed wetland to specifically target, treat and filter water borne pollutants
  • Increased canopy and shade for park users
  • In-depth community engagement and involvement

The Nurdi Way Constructed Wetland and Living Stream is being delivered and implemented by SERCUL, in partnership with the City of Canning and the Water Corporation, as part of the Swan Canning River Recovery Program Stage 2, supported by Perth NRM and funded by the Australian Government’s The Swan Canning River Recovery Stage 2 is funded by the Australian Government under the Improving Your Local Parks and Environment program.



We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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