National Biodiversity Month: Woylies

1st September, 2020

Welcome to National Biodiversity Month. Australia has many unique flora and fauna species, all of which have evolved to play a specific role in our ecosystem.

About 84 per cent of our plants, 83 per cent of our mammals, and 45 per cent of our birds are endemic — that is, they are only found in Australia. (

Burrowing marsupials such as Woylies are little excavators that help turn the earth under the topsoil, preventing soil compaction, increasing water retention, providing habitat for macroinvertebrates and generally improving the overall biodiversity of their homes.

Woylies are part of Perth NRM’s Threatened Species program, through our support of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy at sites like Karakamia Sanctuary.

Stay tuned for the release of our Threatened Species Webinar video next Monday – combining National Biodiversity Month with Threatened Species Day!

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