Winners: Adopt A Beach Colouring Competition

8th June, 2020

It's World Oceans Day today, and we're announcing the winners of the Adopt A Beach 'Above and Below' coulouring competition.

Perth NRM’s Adopt A Beach program received more than 100 entries from 11 schools and home-school families.
The artwork for the colouring competition was very kindly supplied by Alex from Ocean Alex Art, depicting coastal life ‘Above and Below’ the water line.

Above the water line, the illustration shows sand dunes, seashells, Coastal Pigface and spinifex.

Below the water line you can find a cuttlefish, Pink Snapper, Striped Morwong and even hermit crabs amongst the kelp and sponges.

Congratulations to our three winners:
Kai aged 6 (St Damien’s Catholic Primary School)
Phoebe aged 10 (South Coogee Primary School)
Sinead aged 12 (Home educated)

Adopt A Beach is a Perth NRM initiative supported by The Feilman Foundation.


We acknowledge and appreciate the support of all our partners, supporters, funding bodies and sponsors.

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