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17th April, 2018

Perth NRM and the Shire of Mundaring recently partnered to host thirty participants for the Small Property Management workshop tour.

Attendees from local rural properties learnt about pasture management, rotational grazing with a track system, fire risk management and preparation, and feed budgeting, with presentations reiterating vital points about how they can improve their properties.

Delegates gathered for a brief theory session before embarking on a paddock walk to see how a track system with rotational grazing was implemented on the 2-acre property. Majority of the participants were horse owners themselves and benefitted from tips shared for installing a track system. Delegates saw how simple changes reap large scale effects such as making the track wider or narrower based on where you want the horses to spend the most time, as the narrower the track the less time they will linger in that spot. Tracks benefits also included working well as fire breaks and improving accessibility for fire units.

Guest presenter Belinda Taylor, demonstrated how areas of the property had been left ungrazed for 12 months to allow for the grasses to reseed. This practise is recommended to increase groundcover of important pasture species.

A second property visit to Wundowie demonstrated property management of several horses. The property backed onto the Woondowing Nature reserve and had significant grazing pressures from the kangaroos. Despite these issues the property owner, Emma Malloch has had success revegetating the creek line.

Feed budgeting and the increased presence of Stable flies were discussed during the afternoon session. Techniques were discussed to help remove the pest as well as contact details and resources from the Stable Fly Action Group.

The third property visit demonstrated effective fire management plan execution in the face of a roaring bush fire, with the addition of a specialised sprinkler system installed on the roof of the house.

Thanks to the property owners, Shire of Mundaring, guest speakers and WA Horse Council for their support and prizes on the day.

Perth NRM invite other local councils to contact us to partner on events that improve the land management practices in their region and we will announce details of a Bullsbrook event in the near future.

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