Woodside Coastal Guardians Program

28th November, 2017

An amazing team of Woodside employees from the Woodside Coastal Guardians Program were at it again on South Beach in Fremantle last week

providing quality assistance to Perth NRM in their on-going effort to re-habilitate Perth’s coastal corridor. Managed by Conservation Volunteers Australia, the Woodside Coastal Guardians aims to build capacity in our coastal communities by providing significant and regular volunteer support.

The program supports metropolitan Local Governments and their community groups to protect Perth’s coastline in collaboration with Perth NRM, City of Fremantle and the South West Group. A team of 18 keen volunteers installed 200m of fencing to help prevent un-controlled pedestrian access to the dunes. They then laid 80m2 of jute matting and covered it with brush to prevent further erosion and help stabilize the sensitive dune system.

“The jute matting was really satisfying” one of the volunteers said, “we are really making a difference.” Woodside employees are always keen to do their part – and this group was no exception. They helped install a significant amount of fencing and erosion control, contributing to a long-term effort to rehabilitate this section of our beautiful coastline. “It is a great and fun opportunity to do something positive for the community and the environment,” said another Woodside employee, “I was really happy with my experience.”

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