Coastal forum

2nd May, 2017

Perth NRM was a proud supporter of the recently held Coastal Forum along with Northern Agriculture Catchment Council (NACC) and Curtin University which was held on April 7th at the Bold Park Ecology Centre.

The seminar was initiated by the renown Botanist and Ecologist Professor Kingsley Dixon and covered a broad range of fascinating topics. The event included 12 speakers who gave insightful talks on topics ranging from reptile adaptations for living in arid environments to the wondrous species of seaweed found along our coast; coastal adaption and planning to the life of ants on the dunes; and terrestrial biodiversity of WA islands to coastal plant species propagation techniques, just to name a few.

The day ended with a field trip to view some restoration sites in the City of Cambridge allowing us to observe successful techniques used by the Coastcare group.

Over 55 people from local and regional areas attended the forum with great networking opportunities and a chance to meet other likeminded people within the industry including dedicated volunteers and researches.

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