Jujubes make their way onto our market shelves

8th November, 2016

The jujube, also known as the Chinese date, is the most important fruit crop in China used in both medicine and food for thousands of years.

Western Australia is now home to a growing number of jujube orchards which due to our proximity to South East Asia could become a profitable agricultural industry for exports as well as growing domestic sales.

Perth NRM works with the WA Jujube Association in helping them establish best management practises for the growth of this species. They have participated in our Healthy Soils Healthy Rivers program which consisted of our independent agronomist Neil Lantzke, taking soil, leaf and water samples to help the industry benchmark growing practices and fine tune optimal production input management. As growing Jujubes in WA is relatively new with minimal information available on the best growing methods, the collection of this information has been vital for the growers and the industry setting up.

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