Graham McAlpine (Perth NRM’s Sustainable Agriculture Program Project Coordinator) recently supported Alysia Kepert (Principal Consultant – Agricultural Education) presenting to five Year 9 Applecross Senior High School classes who are currently studying about Biomes and Food Security in their HASS Geography classes.

The presentations focused on encouraging future generations to identify with and consider a career in sustainable agricultural industries and understand what food sustainability is. Real world examples about the grains, wool and food processing industries and the sciences and support services that make them tick encouraged questions and great engagement from the students.

Students were able to learn about these topics as well receive information about possible careers in Agriculture, the importance of soil and bees, as well other aspects of farming in WA.

The education partnership that made these presentations possible was borne out of Perth NRM’s Food Future program and its desire to improve understanding around Agriculture and the Sustainable Food supply chain.Perth NRM, the Agriculture Educators Association of WA (AEAWA), the Education Department, the Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) and tertiary institutions including Edith Cowan University’s School of Medical and Health Sciences are working collaboratively on several programs to improve these capabilities.

It has been long acknowledged that the gap between rural and urban communities is growing, with lack of understanding and knowledge about what goes into our food and fibres and career opportunities that exist in primary industries.

A key element in improving understanding of the modern agriculture and food sector and career opportunities it presents within the education sector, is engagement with key Agriculture and Food sector partners with the Education sector to build traction in sustainable change of these perceptions. Perth NRM is keen to facilitate this change through the Food Future program. The Perth NRM Food Future program has been developed over several years and focuses on ensuring our children and grandchildren have the knowledge of and access to safe, healthy and local fresh food in generations to come.

If you would like more information, or would like to contribute, please contract Graham McAlpine at Perth NRM at

Published on: 14/08/18 4:13 PM