Friends of Moore River Estuary (FOMRE) were the delighted recipients of Perth NRM’s $1000 grant, gifted to a community group who completed the 2017 Community Capacity Assessment.

FOMRE will be using the $1000 grant to film a video the group are planning, to clearly state their case for protecting the Moore River Estuary.

“It is a work in progress and we are very grateful to our members and all NRM workers who share our values” said Linda Johnson, FOMRE member.

Linda explains that the Moore River empties into the Indian Ocean at Guilderton, a very small coastal town an hour’s drive north from Perth.

“The town-site is built on the north bank of this pristine river system. Although the permanent population is small, the Moore River area is enjoyed by tens of thousands of holiday makers every year and the south bank of the Moore River is a key visual, ecological and environmental asset that attracts people to Guilderton.”

Between the estuary and the Perth city limits, lies 12km of dune edged coastline and thousands of hectares of bush protected in Nature and Conservation Parks, providing a wildlife corridor through to Yanchep National Park. This land includes Wilbinga as well as a small amount of pine plantations and is a natural buffer to the city. The area contains three of the four now listed banksia species – B.menziesii, B.attenuata and B.prionotes, as well as tuart groves and is foraging ground for Carnaby’s cockatoos.

FOMRE was originally formed to protect the uniqueness of the area and they also take measures to better understand and protect their waterway, including water quality testing and liaison with other groups working in the area.

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Perth NRM’s annual Community Capacity Assessment project aims to increase stakeholder capacity for protecting and preserving our environment through identifying the needs of environmental volunteers and then planning to address them. The assessment is conducted annually so that we can monitor changes in capacity over time and share the information, leading to interest in supporting the work of environmental volunteers on a regional scale through better coordination and collaboration on existing capacity building initiatives, and the development of new and innovative approaches.

For more information on Perth NRM’s Community Capacity Assessment program click here.

Published on: 14/05/18 12:20 PM