Perth NRM’s Swan Canning River Recovery (SCRR) program recently attended the Canning River Eco Education Centre’s Earth Day Expo. Water scarcity, protecting native fauna, waste minimisation and deforestation were covered through a range of interactive activities, with around 500 primary school students in attendance.

“Students and teachers alike, were quick to learn about some of Perth’s common environmental weeds found in the river” said Jason Pitman, Perth NRM’s SCRR Community Education Coordinator.

Mr Pitman developed a program of group activities which the children undertook in teams, learning more about the threats our waterways and river systems are under due to invasive weeds. Throughout the day students showed a growing dislike for Watsonia, Lantana, and Hydrocotyle… we wonder why?!

Thank you to everyone who visited Perth NRM on the day and participated in the educational games.

Should you wish to find out more about the Swan Canning River Recovery project, or become involved in the ‘Life in the Catchment’ school talk series, contact Jason Pitman via email or 9374 3333.

Published on: 17/04/18 3:01 PM