Living Perth is a new branding inititive for Perth NRM that supports the concept of an ecologically responsible city, where people can live healthy and economically productive lives while reducing their impact on the environment.

Friends of Living Perth is an initiative under the new Living Perth brand.

Friends of Living Perth is a membership based initiative which encourages the wider community to actively engage in conversations with Perth NRM in our areas of work.

Becoming a friend of living Perth, is a way of showing you support the goal of a lasting Perth for future generations.

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FREE newsletter featuring family – friendly nature activities: beach cleanups,  planting seedlings at rivers, lakes and beaches, fun workshops to learn about how to care for our coastal gardens, rivers and bushland.

FREE information on amazing nature projects around Perth: find out about our great diversity of projects. Read about amazing places and people who are working hard to protect our environment.

The opportunity to support our fantastic Perth lifestyle: learn about why it is important to conserve the beautiful rivers, lakes and iconic beaches that we love so much!

Join the club, connect with like-minded people: Stay up-to-date on the great projects that might be happening in your neighbourhood and the people involved. Follow our Facebook page.

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