The Swan and Canning Rivers currently receive Australian Government support under the National Landcare Programme to improve their water quality and habitats, and increase community awareness of river health.

The programme aims to eradicate the hydrocotyle weed, provide support for practical community environmental action and help people understand how their actions affect the river.

Perth NRM manages the $1 million investment working in partnership with the local environmental community to deliver the Swan-Canning River Recovery Programme.

The Swan Canning River Recovery project will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Local decision making relating to the development and implementation of the project through key stakeholders via a local steering group.
  • Weed control and management in the Middle Canning estuary with a focus on controlling the weed, hydrocotyle.
  • Greater community action in the recovery of the Swan-Canning River system within the Middle Swan estuary and Middle Canning estuary.
  • Improved community awareness of the behavioural changes needed to reduce nutrient loads entering the Swan-Canning River system in the Middle Swan estuary and Middle Canning estuary.