March saw the first of our Perth NRM Six Season Walks take place at the South Beach foreshore. Noongar elders Vivienne and Mort Hansen shared aspects of Noongar language, food, medicine and spirituality with participants.

This six season presentation, about Bunuru (the fruiting season) was held at the beach because during this time of the year, Noongar people were walking along the coast collecting fish, crabs and mussels as well as using the plant resources found along the coast line. The participants of the event enjoyed the day and all learned a lot about the natural resources and Noongar knowledge of the area.

If you are interested in learning more about Noongar culture, consider joining us for any of the further six season walks, that will be held over the course of this year. The location of each walk varies, following the trail that Noongar people would have once walked during the year, from the coast to the hills and through the wetlands.

Our next walk will be at Hestor Park in Langford on the 3rd of May, for the Djeran season, the first rains, so bring your rain coat and walking shoes to join us there. To book your spot, or to find out about the other planned walks go to our events page at

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